Sagut of Religion, Ecclesiastical Faculties speaks on Rerum Novarum at Commerce Pope Leo XIII Lecture

The College of Commerce and Business Administration held the 23rd Pope Leo XIII Lecture with the theme “The Social Teachings of the Church and Thomasian Business Leadership across Borders and Cultures” on March 23, 2017, at the Medicine Auditorium. The guest speaker was Asst. Prof. Joel C. Sagut, Ph.D., Faculty Secretary of the UST Ecclesiastical Faculties, who discussed Pope Leo XIII and his 1891-promulgated encyclical letter Rerum Novarum.

Sagut contextualized his discussion on the historical conditions of the late 19th century in order to better explain the issues upon which the encyclical letter was anchored. He related the pressing social issues during the time of Pope Leo XIII to the issues and trends prevalent in today’s society. He explained the Commodity- Money- Commodity model and how it has evolved into the Money- Commodity- Money model. Such a societal transformation and changing perspective has contributed to the need for the development of the Church’s social philosophy.

The lecture was elaborated and contextualized in business and practical applications by a panel of reactors composed of Human Resource Management Department Chair Asst. Prof. Robert U. Lao, and Commerce and Business Administration Student Council President Justine Christian R. Nate.

Sagut reminded the students that being a Thomasian business leader is not just a career, it is a vocation. The students were made to see that one’s profession is a way to serve others. “Our work must be seen in the light of sharing with the mission of Christ,” Sagut said. “It is important to understand one’s reason for becoming a business professional, that will hopefully give meaningful direction to one’s future pursuits,” he added.

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