Ramos of EdTech, Secondary Education re-elected President of PeLS, elected to Board of Trustees

Asst. Prof. Anna Cherylle M. Ramos, MSc, Director of the Educational Technology Center and faculty member of the Department of Secondary Education, was re-elected as President of the Philippine e-Learning Society for 2019-2020. Ramos was also elected to the Board of Trustees for a term of three years, from 2019-2022. The election took place during the September 12-14, 2019 PeLS conference in Bohol, where UST was event partner.

In an interview, Ramos disclosed that among her priorities for her incumbency are: certification levels of proficiency for our PELS members, forming specialized professional learning networks among members, co-organizing international events (eLearning Forum Asia 2021 in the Philippines), and assuring the quality of eLearning institutional adoption by awarding the PELS own seal of accreditation and recognition.

Ramos, the current Director of the Educational Technology Center, specializes in leading a massive eLearning implementation. Such work includes training UST’s faculty workforce to effectively use technology to create meaningful eLearning experiences across the wide spectrum of online delivery environments (technology-rich classrooms, blended, and fully-online), produce eLearning content, and supervising the implementation of UST’s participation to the ASEAN MOOC consortium known as Global Access Asia.

Among the massive-scale projects that Ramos led are: 1) the deployment of a massive online course on Disaster Risk Reduction to about 11,000 student volunteers to prepare the Youth of the Philippines for the visit of Pope Francis (EduTech Asia Awards 2017 – Greatest Individual Contribution for Educational Inclusion); 2) UST’s national teacher-training implementation work with UNESCO ICT for Education (Bangkok) and among Philippine teacher education institutions as Resource and Distribution Training Center (RDTC) in the promotion of the use of open and free educational resources (OERs) (Best Innovative Teacher Education Program Initiative, 2016 Dakilang Parangal Awards by the Philippine Association for Teacher Education); 3) the Rapid eLearning Course Development Program for UST’s 2000+ workforce, a teacher-training for eLearning practitioners earned the Philippines the 2014 Blackboard World Catalyst Award for Staff Development (Nevada, USA); 4) UST-NSTP project for 9000 students being at the forefront of educational innovation that have developed and implemented high impact educational strategies that scale (2018 Blackboard Catalyst Awards in Asia for Leading Change); and 5) UST’s eLearning Community Development Project whose educational and administrative innovations have markedly improved the total learner experience of our 46,000 student body (2018 Blackboard Catalyst Award in Asia for Optimizing Student Experience).

PeLS is a premier professional organization in the country that leads the advancement of eLearning practice in the academe and industry through professional development opportunities and collaboration.

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