Ramos of EdTech, Secondary Ed talks about learning management systems in CEAP webinar

Educational Technology Center Director Anna Cherylle M. Ramos MSc lectured on the topic “Choosing the Best Learning Management System for your School” on July 14, 2020 via a Facebook live webinar hosted by the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines.

Ramos tackled the fundamentals of an effective Learning Management System, choosing the appropriate method in line with the institution’s needs, and also the role of the environment between the learners and the educators.  “A modern learning management system is more than a catalog of eLearning courses, a platform of planning, delivering and measuring impact of training both online and offline,” Ramos said.

According to Ramos, modern learning platforms perform multiple tasks other than hosting, tracking, or analyzing. “Not only we are looking for something that is very robust; it should be able to do all of them in a very efficient manner from centralizing and automating your administration,” Ramos said. “You can of course personalize content, consolidate training and learning initiatives in web-based platform, and even go beyond delivering content,” she added. 

Moreover, Ramos encouraged the educators to look into the core of institution, and seek for the best way to demonstrate their teaching skills. “We might be looking an choosing the right LMS, at the end there is no one size that would fit your institution. You must start from the heart the core of your institutions, know what is this vision I want to  accomplish, and everything else would follow in every decision making, and in every support system  that you will put in place will now be in congruent with what you want to solve.”

Ramos is a faculty member of the Department of Secondary Education. She was re-elected as President of the Philippine e-Learning Society for 2019-2020. Ramos was also elected to the Board of Trustees for a term of three years, from 2019-2022.

Among the massive-scale projects that Ramos led are: 1) the deployment of a massive online course on Disaster Risk Reduction to about 11,000 student volunteers to prepare the Youth of the Philippines for the visit of Pope Francis (EduTech Asia Awards 2017 – Greatest Individual Contribution for Educational Inclusion); 2) UST’s national teacher-training implementation work with UNESCO ICT for Education (Bangkok) and among Philippine teacher education institutions as Resource and Distribution Training Center (RDTC) in the promotion of the use of open and free educational resources (OERs), which was recognized as the Best Innovative Teacher Education Program Initiative in 2016.

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