BAYBADO, Pablito Jr. A.

BAYBADO, Pablito Jr., A.

Academic Qualifications

Research Highlights

Research Interests

Academic Qualifications / Research Highlights / Research Interests


  • Doctor of Philosophy, major in Philosophy, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 2017
  • Master of Arts in Theology, University of Santo Tomas – Manila, Philippines, 2005
  • Master of Arts in Philosophy, Christ the King Mission Seminary – Quezon City, Philippines, 1996
  • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Magna cum Laude), Divine Word Mission Seminary – Quezon City, Philippines, 1993
  • The State of Philippine Church:  A socio-historical analysis of the Quinquennial Reports and the profile of the religious congregations (men and women)

  • Contextual theology
  • Interreligious Dialogue
  • Mindanao Studies
  • Religion and Conflict Studies
  • Religious Freedom

Courses Handled

Professional Activities

Courses Handled / Professional Activities

  • Theology Program Lead, UST Graduate School
  • Associate Member, DAKATEO-Catholic Theological Society of the Philippines
  • Member, Religious Educators Association of the Philippines
  • Executive Secretary, FABC-Office of Education and Faith Formation
  • Associate Secretary General, Religions for Peace Asia
  • Coordinator, UniHarmony Partners Manila

Selected Publications

  • “Ethno-religious Identity, Ethics and Responsibility: Levinas’s Critique of Religion.”  Philippiniana Sacra, Vol. LIV, No. 163, September-December 2019), pp. 465-486.
  • “The Tri-People Dialogue: Prospects for Peacebuilding in the Philippines.” Studies in Interreligious Dialogue, Vol. 27, no. 1, 2018, pp. 105-126. 
  • “Beyond Colonization:  The Impact of History in Philippine Interreligious Dialogue,” Journal of Interreligious Studies, issue 20 (2017), pp. 38-53.
  • The National Filipino Catholic Youth Study 2014 (co-Author), commissioned by CBCP-Episcopal Commission on Youth and the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines. 
  • From Ricci’s Thomistic Approach to Western Sinology.  Thomism and Asian Cultures.  Eds. By  Alfredo P. Co & Paolo Bolanos. University of Santo Tomas, Publishing, House, 2012. pp. 233-238  
  • “Experience and Dialogue:  The East-West Relationship in the Missionary Journey of Matteo Ricci in China.”  Scientia:  Research Center of the College of San Beda College of Arts and Sciences, June 2011, pp. 249-276.  ISSN 1908-9627  
  • Contextualizing the Theological Constants of Justice.”  Quezon City:  Dominican Province of the Philippines, Inc., 2010.

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