Principal Bolaños of Senior High, CRSE presents paper on missionary catechesis from the Biblical Paul in Spain

Asst. Prof. Mary Erika N. Bolaños, PhD, Acting Principal of the Senior High School and faculty researcher of the Center for Religious Studies and Ethics, presented her research paper entitled “Theological Elaboration of Missionary Catechesis from the Biblical Paul,” in the 9th International Conference on Religion and Spirituality in Society, in Granada, Spain. The conference bore the theme “Universal Religious Symbols: Mutual Influences and Specific Relationships” and was held from April 25-26, 2019.

Citing Pope Saint John Paul II, Bolaños argued that “mission is also for those baptized but have lost a living sense of the faith or those who no longer consider themselves members of the Church and live a life far removed from Christ and his Gospel.”

With the objective of presenting the Biblical Paul as model for the understanding and appreciation of Missionary Catechesis today, Bolaños cited Redemptoris Missio, which described St. Paul as someone who “spoke without inhibition to a learned assembly (Areopagus)…an audience that was intellectually and philosophically sophisticated and whose religious practices manifested a search for life’s meaning.”

Bolaños teaches Theology courses under the auspices of the Institute of Religion.


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