Physical Therapy Dept., St. Louis College – Thailand conduct two-part joint research presentation for students

On March 27, 2021, the UST College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) – Department of Physical Therapy and their counterparts from the St. Louis College (SLC) – Faculty of Physical Therapy, Bangkok, Thailand conducted a virtual International Physical Therapy Research Presentation, which featured proposals and completed researches by students of both universities.

The researches presented focused on various methodologies and concepts in Physical Therapy that were reviewed and tested on communities, particularly for the present situation. UST-led research proposals focused mainly on checking on various methodologies and their scientific soundness despite the situation whereas SLC-led researches explained a thoroughly investigated therapeutic method through a finished research experiment.

The presentations kicked off with a research proposal entitled “A Systematic Review on Online Well-being Interventions for the Physical and Mental Well-being of University Health-Allied Students” by Mikaela Azul, Mariah Edrianca Dalusong, John Edward Dela Cruz, Ma. Kelley Mangalili, Edric Ngo, Valerie Valerio, and Niels Viacrucis, who were led by Terence Buico. This was followed by another proposal entitled the “Effectiveness of Exergaming in Improving Well-being of Older Adults Living in Institutionalized Centers: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial Study” presented by Raj Bardonido, Janelle Catral, Stacey Evangelista, Arvin Labao, Kristine Ramos, Matthew Sabatin, and Keren Tuale led by Kian Marcelo. After both presentations, an open forum was provided for questions asked by participating CRS and SLC students and faculty.

These were followed by the research presentation by SLC entitled “Sustained Effect of Self-Static Pectoralis Minor Stretching on Muscle Length in Individuals with Pectoralis Minor Tightness,” presented by Chanunchida Thaichaitum, Patthiya Jueboon, Ponchita Makradee. Another open forum was provided for questions and answers from both SLC and CRS participants.

The fourth presentation, entitled “Assessing Readiness towards Telerehabilitation  Among Older Adults with Hypertension In a Rural Community in Laguna, Philippines: a Cross-sectional Study,” was led by Yalena Bergonio and fellow members Michelle Sy, Carlos Crespo, Hannah Lim, Lorenzo Mallari, Crissy Santos, Fernando Sto. Domingo, and Shermarie Zabarte. The presentations concluded with the proposal entitled “Experiences and Perceptions of Filipino Physical Therapists about Rehabilitation Practices and Services during the “New Normal”: A Phenomenological Study,” presented by Roselle Bautista, Alliah Davalos, Juan Dizon, Yvette Marquez, Josua Olaya, Ivianna Ronquillo, and Epifania Velez, who were led by Erico Nuguid.

These researches would not have been possible without the guidance of the research advisers, Donald Manlapaz, PhD, PTRP, Catherine Escuadra, MHPEd, PTRPArchelle Jane C. Callejo-Tiuseco, MPH, PTRP, PT, Christian Rey D. Rimando, MSPT, PTRP, Ken Erbvin R. Sosa, MOH, PTRP, PT, Jordan Barbra P. Nava, MSPT, PTRP and Christopher G. Cruz, MSPT, PTRP of UST. Meanwhile, SLC students were mentored by Varavee Temprom, MSc, PT and Kornkamon Cheawthamai, MSc, PT.

Prior to the event, participants were welcomed with an ad from “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” where various landmarks and Philippine cultural displays were shown. As UST hosted this first part of the series, students were given a quick virtual tour of the campus. This provided SLC students with a glance at the facilities and program offers of the university, as well as provided Thomasian students and advisers a quick trip down memory lane as they have yet to visit again the halls and walls of the campus.

The second part of the series, to be hosted by St. Louis College – Thailand, will be held before the end of April.

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