Pharmacy launches recipio booths for unused, unwanted, and expired medicines

In conjunction with World Pharmacists’ Day, the Faculty of Pharmacy launched its advocacy—both in the University of Santo Tomas and in the Philippines—entitled “Recipio: Medication Take-Back” on September 25, 2019 at the Quadricentennial Park.

Faculty of Pharmacy Dean Prof. Aleth Therese L. Dacanay, PhD said that while the pharmacists and other medical practitioners have provided vital interventions that will improve man’s quality of life through manufacturing and production of medicines, it is also necessary to foster an awareness program on proper medicine disposal.

“While much has been said about the significance of medicine in our life, little attention is given to the secure disposal of unused, unwanted, or expired medications. This poses a danger since improper drug disposal has deleterious effects on man and on the environment,“ Dacanay said.

The recipio booths were strategically installed at the lobbies of all the buildings in the campus to cater to the community.

This advocacy aims to ensure safety from long-term side-effects to the environment, like as pharmaceutical pollution, and also to avoid accidental ingestion, which is tantamount to poisoning.

Photos by Hans Lawrence Malgapu


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