Pesigan of Senior High wins best presenter award in Hamaka Pilipinas conference

Ms. Neriza C. Pesigan, MA of the Senior High School – Filipino learning area won the Best Presenter Award during the September 21, 2019 (Saturday) Hamaka Pilipinas (HAMPIL) Research Conference and Contest for Teachers and Senior High School Students.

Pesigan’s paper, entitled “Pandingalan: Mga Pangngalang Nagiging Pandiwa, Bahagi ng Pagbabago sa Gramatikong Filipino,” contended that language changes give rise to new grammatical structures that are markedly different from traditionally followed ones, but become acceptable due to the continued use and eventual acceptance by listeners. To be specific, the paper looked into the use of nouns as verbs.

Pesigan looked into publicly available reading materials, such as magazines, newspapers, pamphlets, and brochures, among others, as well as shows like news shows, teleserye (nighttime TV series), and commercials, to examine the observed changes. Adding to the data gathered were discourses heard in schools, churches, the marketplace, and homes.

The paper discovered that it was already natural to use common nouns in Filipino as verbs, but with the rise of modernization and continued spread of technology, even proper and common nouns in English are already being used as verbs in Filipino through affixation.

Furthermore, there were observations of common nouns in Filipino that are being used as idioms, figures of speech, or euphemisms when given an affix, as well as proper nouns that are given a new meaning once an affix is added.

Pesigan is currently the Subject Area Lead Teacher of the Filipino learning area of the Senior High School.

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