Peralta of ITSO orients CRS students on Intellectual Property

The Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO) through its Manager, Assoc. Prof. Michael Jorge Peralta, conducted a symposium for students in their junior year about the Basics of Intellectual Property (IP) and the Legal and Ethical Issues to Innovation. This was held on October 4, 2019 and was participated in by students under its Occupational Therapy program of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences. 

The activity, one of the projects of ITSO, was conducted to improve IP awareness among the students; stimulate their creative minds into conducting innovative projects; and understand the legal and ethical issues governing innovations.  Peralta’s lecture focused on the characteristics of the different IP rights, and how they are applied to the field of occupational therapy. He also oriented them on the legal and ethical issues of it such as the concept of infringements, determining authorship, and preventing plagiarisms.  

As one of the projects of the ITSO, this IP roadshow is conducted to improve IP awareness among the faculty and students in the University.  This is also one of the means to acquire invention disclosures for possible IP registration and technology transfer. 

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