Pavia of RCNAS, Biological Sciences is new FIMFS Vice-President

Research Center for the Natural and Applied Sciences researcher and Department of Biological Sciences Chair Asst. Prof. Richard Thomas Pavia, Jr., PhD was elected as the Vice-President of the Federation of Institutions for Marine and Freshwater Sciences (FIMFS). 

A researcher whose line of expertise is on marine biology, coral reef biology, and aquarium science, Pavia’s research highlights tackled the factors affecting the behavior and the settlement success of the coral planulae, as well as observing the growth performance of scleractinian corals ex-situ. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 1995 from UST and went on to pursue his master’s and doctorate degrees in marine biology from Silliman University.

Formed in 1968, FIMFS is an organization composed of public and private institutions of higher learning, which are involved in marine and freshwater science.

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