Occupational therapy, speech-language pathology interns join Seton Hall University Global Internship Experience Program

Two BS occupational therapy (OT) interns, namely, Gabrielle Marie Yulo and Elmo Luis Nicolas, and two BS speech-language pathology (SLP) interns, namely, Ariana Marie Louise Uy and Andrea Marie Beatrice Uy, were chosen to participate in the Global Internship Experience (GIE) program of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences with Seton Hall University (SHU) in New Jersey, USA for the month of February 2017. They were led by Ms. Carol Mae B. Gutay, MSOT, OTRP, the faculty member designated as GIE leader. It is the first time for the Department of Occupational Therapy to send interns to the said institution, while it is the second run for the Department of Speech and Language Pathology.

UST-CRS interns were able to get a glimpse of how rehabilitation professionals in the United States execute their service delivery. They participated in various learning activities, like classroom presentations, demonstrations, and group discussions. Interns also had the chance to explore technological innovations and advanced techniques in rehabilitation in the clinical sites that they were exposed to in the states of New Jersey and New York. Extensive opportunities for professional development were also obtained through the rehabilitation professionals whom they have worked with during their individual and group evaluation and intervention sessions, along with clinical documentation.

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