NASA Goddard’s scientist emeritus discusses Physics of Climate Change at Science seminar

Scientist Emeritus Josefino C. Comiso, Ph.D., from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), highlighted the urgency of climate change and his environmental research at the hy-flex seminar of the UST College of Science at the Central Lab Auditorium on October 28, 2022.

In his lecture titled “The Physical Science Basis of Climate Change and Mitigation Strategies”, Comiso explained both natural and anthropogenic causes of climate change, including orbital eccentricity and human activities like fossil fuel consumption, among others. He detailed the technicalities of climate change and its worsening effects over the years through his studies involving polar oceanography and satellite algorithms.

He also presented most of his findings and major contributions to environmental change and polar research including the usage of satellites for the modeling of sea ice sheets and covers, and how it exhibited warming in certain areas in the Arctic regions.

A renowned physicist and senior research scientist, Comiso’s extensive experience included direct involvement in several climate change and environmental studies. According to the GSFC website, his work at the Center’s Cryospheric Sciences Laboratory led to new insights into polar region processes that include deep ocean convection and the influence of polynyas and Odden on bottom water formation; phytoplankton blooms and relationships with the sea ice cover; and climate change signals as revealed by the changing sea ice cover and accelerated warming in the Arctic region.

The event was organized by the College of Science International Relations Committee, in cooperation with the Department of Math and Physics and the Applied Physics Society.

Comiso was initially welcomed by the UST Office of Public Affairs Assistant Director for Publication Ms. Katherine Patrice B. Sibug, along with the UST College of Science Dean Prof. Rey Donne Papa, Ph.D., and the Chair of the Department of Math and Physics Asst. Prof. Enrico Yambao at the UST Main Building.

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