Medallon of CRS presents research on school leadership practices in Taiwan

College of Rehabilitation Sciences academic staff Asst. Prof. Kim Gerald Medallon, Ph.D., internship supervisor of the Department of Occupational Therapy, participated in the 2023 Asia-Pacific Association for Teacher Education Annual Conference, held at the National Taiwan Normal University from October 19 to 20, 2023.

         His study titled “Intergenerational Differences of School Leaders’ Reflective Practice and Ethical Dilemma Resolution” explored different enablers for two groups of school leaders. Medallon identified novice school leaders’ enablers as those that display proactiveness to improve educational institutions despite limited experience, core values, and feedback given by others. Their continuous engagement in reflection is geared towards expanding their perspectives and strengthening their leadership mandate. As for seasoned school leaders, identified enablers include the maintenance of smooth interpersonal relationships, spirituality, and organizational culture. Their goal for reflection is geared towards empowering stakeholders and seizing opportunities to leave a legacy to the community.

         In addition, two leadership tools were also explored in this study namely reflective practice and ethical dilemma resolution. According to medallon, the two leadership tools are intertwined with each other. Engagement in reflection facilitates a keen sense of environmental awareness necessary for ethical dilemma resolution. Meanwhile, resolving ethical dilemmas over time makes school leaders more adept at making sense of a situation, which is a staple in reflective practice.

With the theme “Connecting Multiculturalism, Sustainability, and Teacher Education”, the said conference was attended by various educational leaders, academic staff, and graduate students across the Asia-Pacific region.

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