Language at Work: Forensic Linguistics research studies help protect consumers

The Research Center for Social Sciences and Education (RCSSED) in
cooperation with the Department of English, held a symposium on Promoting Consumer Protection through Forensic Linguistic Studies at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center Auditorium.

Aimed at educating the lay people or consumers about how the knowledge of research studies on Forensic Linguistics can benefit them, the symposium was attended by members of the faculty and students from the Faculty of Arts and Letters and from the College of Commerce under
the Marketing and Business Administration department.

The resource speakers included UST Graduate School Dean Marilu R. Madrunio, Ph.D., who talked about ‘Introducing Forensic Linguistics.’ Arts and Letters faculty member Assoc. Prof. Rachelle B. Lintao, Ph.D., presented ‘Simplifying a Philippine Consumer-Finance Contract: Towards the Development of a UserComprehensible, Readable and Legally Acceptable Document.’ Assoc. Prof. Shielanie S. Dacumos, an alumna of UST and dean of the General Education Department of the University of Riza System-Binangonan, discussed the ‘Anatomy of Philippine Product Warnings:
An Integrated Approach in Designing Consumer Safety Information.’

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