KALEIDOSCOPE: Redefining Inflight Operations Towards a Colorful Spectrum

As we are now challenged with the current pandemic, the tourism industry continues to adapt to a more challenging environment where we all stand as one, form a unified frontier and serve as the ray of hope for those who aspire to become tourism professionals in the future.

The class 3TOM1 and Iridescence Productions proudly present: “KALEIDOSCOPE: Redefining Inflight Operations Towards a Colorful Spectrum” which will happen on May 17, 2021 from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.

As a class, 3TOM1 has the shared goal to ignite the students’ passion once again for them to continue believing in themselves and of course, in the tourism industry. Along with giving awareness on the new normal setup in the Inflight Operations, the event will also impart to the audience the qualities and other information they need to know about cabin crews. Join us in our digital event and together, let us draw on more color to our industry.

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