International map collectors view UST’s 17th-century maps, collections

Last October 16, 2018, the Miguel de Benavides Library and the Archives of the University of Santo Tomas (AUST) boasted its collection of rare maps dating as early as 17th century to the participants of the 36th IMCOS-Symposium Manila 2018.

Included in the exhibit were the deeds of sale of land written in Baybayin script dated each at 1613 and 1625 and now considered as National Cultural Treasures; the plan of the UST compound in Intramuros in 1690; and various maps detailing several parts of the Philippines, like Map of Puerto de Sisiran, Camarines (1757), Celebes Islands (1788-1792), East China and Southeast Asia (1788-1792). Several maps of the Philippine archipelago were likewise exhibited.

Apart from maps, UST’s collections in the Archives, like the Foundation Act of 1611 and the Libros de Piques (an examination book), were showcased. The participants were likewise toured around the Antonio Vivencio del Rosario Heritage Library for a demonstration of UST’s conservation efforts.

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