International language expert returns as visiting professor

University of Hawaii at Hilo (UH Hilo) Department of Languages Chair and Associate Professor Rodney C. Jubilado, Ph.D., returned to teach Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSEd) English majors this second term. Dr. Jubilado, who was instrumental in organizing the 1st International Virtual Conference on the Teaching of Filipino as a Second Language (IVCTFSL 2021), taught SEEN 791 Introduction to Linguistics to English majors.

Both opportunities were part of a five-year Memorandum of Understanding signed between UST and UH Hilo in 2020, encouraging exchanges between faculty, students, and scholars on research and educational processes, among others. “I find it interesting that the students also had questions about what and how it is at American universities. They also asked about my travels and my being a FIlipino and American with shared experiences, both in the Philippines and in the USA,” said Jubilado, who also serves as UH Hilo’s Program Head of Filipino Studies. An expert on Theoretical Linguistics and Southeast Asian Studies, Dr. Jubilado received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Linguistics at the National University of Malaysia in 2010. He speaks Bahasa Malaysia, English, Spanish, Filipino, Cebuano, and Isamal.

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