Iñigo-Chua of Music, RCCAH presents paper on transculturation of music in 19th-century Manila in Switzerland conference

Musicologist Dr. Maria Alexandra Iñigo-Chua of the Conservatory of Music presented her research paper entitled “Music at the Margins: Transculturation in 19th-Century Colonial manila” at the 2019 Intercongerssional Symposium of the International Musicological Society (IMS). The symposium was held from July 7-10, 2019, in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Chua’s paper “examined aspects of the music transculturation process brought about by the rise of music capitalism in nineteenth-century colonial Manila, prompting secular European popular music to thrive that triggered the unfolding of transnational music genres.” She “argued that the institution of the music market in the colony fostered the practice of music composition in which the locals got engaged in the creative aspect of music writing and publishing.”

Chua’s paper focused studied the works of a pioneering native composer of the period, Julio Nakpil (1867-1960), “to understand the process of musical transculturation that negotiated the entanglements of the local with the predominant globalizing ideologies such as capitalism, industrialization, secularism and later nationalism as embodied in the music compositions.”


Photo Credit: Chris Macazo

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