Grad. School’s Diesmos becomes NAST Academician

Graduate School biological sciences Associate Professor Arvin C. Diesmos, PhD was elected as an Academician of the National Academy of Science Technology in its 2021 convention.

Diesmos, a noted biologist who earned his doctorate degree in from the National University of Singapore, is into the field of herpetology, which studies reptiles and amphibians. He is affiliated with the National Museum of the Philippines.

Diesmos in a 2016 photo from the National Research Council of the Philippines

A prolific scholar, Diesmos has published over 180 articles in various journals. He has likewise discovered several new species of frogs, lizards, and snakes all over the country, with Platymantis diesmosi or the Mt. Malinao Cliff Frog of Bicol, the lizard Parvosincus arvindiesmos, and earthworm Pheretima diesmosi named in his honor.

With the distinction, UST now has within its ranks Academicians Fortunato B. Sevilla III, PhD, Maribel G. Nonato, PhD, Mudjekeewis Santos, PhD, Veronica F. Chan, PhD, and Diesmos. Meanwhile, alumni Academicians include the late Academicians Remigio Olveda and Gregorio Zaide.

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