Gino-gino of Tourism Management, RCCAH pitches sustainable tourism plan for UNESCO Marine World Heritage Sites of ASEAN

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jinky Rose P. Gino-gino of the Department of Tourism Management and the Research Center for Culture, Arts, and Humanities, presented her research entitled “Revitalizing Southeast Asia’s UNESCO Marine World Heritage Sites: A Basis for Proposed Tourism Development Blueprint on Sustainable Tourism through Preservation and Promotion of Material and Non-Material Culture in the Post-COVID Era under ASEAN’s Sustainable Tourism Development Framework” during the 1st Academe Partners’ Research Training Seminar Output Dissemination by the Tourism Knowledge Center by Rajah Travel Corporation (TKC by RTC). The May 18, 2023 event was co-hosted by the Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila.

Gino-gino’s study concentrated on revitalizing the selected Southeast Asia’s UNESCO Marine World
Heritage Sites through Sustainable Tourism. The study evaluated the current state of developmental plans and assessed challenges and opportunities for preservation, emphasizing the importance of integrating sustainability into tourism policies.

Apart from being a venue to disseminate research outputs, the training seminar aimed to assist educational institutions in strengthening and building their capacity, enhancing collaboration with other organizations, and disseminating research papers and journals. This initiative is envisioned to create a more profound culture of research and encourage the production of more academic research that tackles the issues confronting the tourism industry and allows the formulation of strategic business and policy frameworks. Recognizing that tourism is now a major pillar driving economic growth, increasing knowledge on research and consequently developing quality research outputs have become a paramount concern.

In the same event, RTC recognized the University of Santo Tomas’s efforts in conducting the training seminar. The recognition was accepted by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evangeline E. Timbang, the Assistant Dean of
the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management, and Inst. Jame Monren T. Mercado, MACHS, CTHM
RIES Coordinator.

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