GCash exec talks about PubComm, CSR campaigns to Graduate School MarkComm class

“Any small thing you do makes an impact.” This was how corporate executive Robert Conrad Gonzales, Mynt Chief People Officer, described the effect and influence that individual actions may have on the community and nation. Gonzales was speaker to a class of UST graduate students and a group of alumni.

Gonzales was invited by Asst. Prof. Jenny Ortuoste, Ph.D., to speak to her Public Service Communication Campaigns class in the MA Marketing Communication course about Globe-GCash’s public service campaigns and corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

Mynt is a fintech startup partnership between Globe Telecom, the Ayala Corporation, and Ant Financial. They run GCash, a pioneer in mobile money solutions, and Fuse Lending, that offers loan products.

Gonzales also explained how large companies such as Globe can make a positive impact on our society through their CSR programs.

He also recounted how during the pandemic lockdowns, organizations played an important role in giving aid through sharing their services.

All the attendees were given an opportunity to ask the resource speaker questions during the open forum that followed his talk.

According to Ortuoste, inviting industry experts and persons with rich experience in their fields to be resource speakers provides students with valuable real-world knowledge and advice as well as diverse perspectives that provide learning opportunities.

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