Escuadra attends Physiotherapy conference in Australia

The College of Rehabilitation Sciences (CRS) organized a seminar titled “Peripheral Vertigo Diagnosis and Treatment” held on January 6, 2018 at the PT Skills Laboratory, UST. The resource speaker was an alumnus of CRS Mr. Paul Christian Rivera, a specialist in geriatric physical therapy, who is currently affiliated with Suncrest Home Health working as Physical Therapist in the home health setting.

The seminar discussed the current and evidencebased assessment and treatment in patients with peripheral vertigo including the basic principles of the vestibular system College of Rehabilitation Sciences faculty member Ms. Catherine Joy Escuadra, a member of the board of officers of the Philippine Physical Therapy Association, represented the Filipino physical
therapists at the conference of Australian Physiotherapy Association titled
MOMENTUM 2017 held at the International Convention Center, Sydney,
New South Wales, Australia.

The conference, attended by more than 300
physical therapists, included several health care professionals and nonhealth care professional speakers that challenged the attendees to be
the momentum force not just for the global physical therapy practice but
for better health practice in general.

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