English Department’s journal AJELS is now indexed in EBSCOhost

The Asian Journal of English Language Studies (AJELS), the official academic journal of the UST Department of English, has recently taken steps to broaden its readership. After months of close coordination with EBSCOhost and CrossRef, as well as support from the UST Office of the Rector, the Office of the Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, and the Faculty of Arts and Letters, AJELS is now indexed in EBSCOhost databases and has registered digital object identifier (DOI) for all its articles.

EBSCOhost is an online research platform that makes quality research publications accessible to millions of scholars worldwide. Most journals indexed in established journal databases like EBSCOhost have DOI, which help make research articles easier to locate for citation purposes. These developments widen the global reach of AJELS, which aligns with UST’s vision to become a more globally recognized expert in research. These concrete steps also redound to the research impact of UST in the English language studies category. 

Led by the founding Editor-in-Chief (2013-2017) Prof. Marilu R. Madrunio, Ph.D. and the editorial team composed of Assoc. Prof.  Alejandro S. Bernardo, Ph.D., Mr. Roy Randy Y. Briones, Assoc. Prof. Veronico N. Tarrayo. Ph.D., and Prof. Camilla J. Vizconde, Ph.D., AJELS was born in 2013. It has since released 10 volumes with 67 research articles by scholars mostly from higher education institutions in the Philippines but also from universities in the Asia Pacific region including Australia, Brunei, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Scholarly contributions from Ecuador, Qatar, Turkey, and the UK are also featured in the volumes, which were ably managed by the subsequent Editors-in-Chief Dr. Veronico N. Tarrayo (2018 to 2020) and Dr. Alejandro S. Bernardo (2021 to 2022).

Building on these first decade milestones and supported by her predecessors and reliable, creative staff Vermon Bryan Y. Revillosa, Mar Christian Darren C. Ramos, and Adrienne A. Zacarias, the newly appointed Editor-in-Chief Asst. Prof. Pia Patricia P. Tenedero, Ph.D. envisions even bigger things for AJELS. The next step is publishing strong articles and launching a new cover for Volume 11 in December 2023. AJELS welcomes book reviews, brief reports, and research articles for the upcoming volume until September 30, 2023. Details of the call for publication, submission guidelines, and publication ethics are available in the newly updated website: https://ajels.ust.edu.ph/.

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