Empleo, Caliwan of Accountancy are appointed to ASEAN workgroup committees

Prof. Patricia M. Empleo, Ph.D. and Asst. Prof. Francisco M. Caliwan, Jr., the Dean and Assistant Dean, respectively, of the UST-AMV College of Accountancy, were appointed to the working committees of the ASEAN Accounting Education Workgroup (AAEW) during its 14th meeting held on November 3, 2023 at UNITAR International University, Selangor Malaysia.

Dean Empleo will chair the Executive Committee for Teaching and Learning. Her committee is tasked to design and implement programs for teaching, learning, and engagement of academic staff and students in AAEW programs.

Meanwhile, Assistant Dean Caliwan was appointed Director for the Special Interest Groups, the body tasked to lead the workgroup on addressing the emerging trends of continuing interest to the members, such as international research collaborations, faculty and student exchange programs, international scholarship programs, and other collaborative projects between and among the AAEW  member institutions. Currently, Caliwan is the president of the National Association of CPAs in Education.

AAEW is an association organized by accounting educators from the neighboring ASEAN countries to share best practices in managing accounting programs and international collaborations.

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