Education officials conduct lectures, explore further collaborations with Indonesia’s Atma Jaya Catholic University

Officials from the UST College of Education conducted a three-day visit with lectures and meetings at Jakarta, Indonesia’s Atma Jaya Catholic University, a longstanding partner institution of the University. 

During the three-day engagement, College of Education Dean Pilar I. Romero, PhD delivered a lecture on “Catholic Education and Leadership,” while Assistant Dean Louie B. Dasas, PhD spoke about “Agency in Curriculum-Making and Implementation.” Finally, Education College Secretary Alvin Ringgo C. Reyes, MA provided our Indonesian counterparts with a talk on “Understanding the Context of Philippine classrooms.”

Apart from the lectures, the meetings attended by UST and Atma Jaya officials centered on the possibility of co-offering credit courses in Catholic education and Multiculturalism for elementary and secondary education programs, as well as a course on the processing of “tempeh,” a traditional Indonesian dish made of fermented soybeans for the Food Technology and Nutrition and Dietetics programs.

The UST contingent was met by Dr. Yanti, Vice-Rector for Innovation, Research, Cooperation and Alumni; Dr. Luciana, MEd, Dean, Faculty of Education and Language; Dr. Pricilla Anindyta, Deputy Dean, Faculty of Education and Language; the different program heads; and Mr. Adre Zaif Rachman, Head of International Office.

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