Education hosts SDG workshops leading to UK global youth forum

College of Education Dean Assoc. Prof. Pilar Romero, Ph.D. and Graduate School Assistant Dean Prof. Camilla Vizconde, Ph.D. detailed the outcomes of participatory workshops at the webinar “Youth participation, intergenerational learning and sustainable livelihoods” on December 13, 2023.

Co-hosted by the University of East Anglia (UEA) and the United Kingdom (UK) Research and Innovation-Arts and Humanities Research Council, the workshop series was organized by the UNESCO Adult Literacy and Learning for Social Transformation (ALLST).

The program aimed at developing stronger synergies between sectors which engage with adult literacy, skill development and learning, integral to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Vizconde serves as the Philippine-team representative for the UNESCO ALLST.

In the Philippines, the UST College of Education hosted a participatory action research workshop on November 28, with the youth coming from partner parish schools, the Education High School, and the pre-service teachers at the College of Education.

The workshops provided insights into queries about the Filipino youth, their engagements, and their participation regarding livelihoods, indigenous knowledge, and the attainment of the sustainable development goals.

World Café and the flower tool were used as methods for eliciting the responses from the youth, who expressed their self-identity, their roles at home and the community, and their priorities.

In another workshop, stakeholders, parents, and leaders from partner communities were invited to share their insights and experiences with the youth through another world café and panel discussion.

            Asst. Prof. Louie Dasas, Ph.D., assistant dean of the College, and Asst. Prof. John Christian Valeroso, Ph.D., chairperson of the Department of Secondary Education, also helped facilitate the workshops.

Similar workshops were held in Ethiopia, Malawi, and Nepal.

Dr. Gina Lontoc, from the Research Center for Social Sciences and Education (RCSSED), paved the way for the inclusion of the UST Team in the program.

            The global dissemination webinar, which served as a culmination of the workshops, also marked the 2023 International Volunteering Day celebration.

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