Education dean, food tech chair, faculty, students present papers, posters in sci-tech conference

The College of Education participated in the 17th Conference of the Science Council of Asia with the theme, “Science, Technology, and Innovation for Inclusive Development” sponsored by the Science Council of Asia, Department of Science and Technology, the National Research Council of the Philippines, and the Science Council of Japan. The conference was held on June 14-16, 2017 at the Philippine International Convention Center.

Leading the team of presenters from UST was Education Dean Professor Allan B. de Guzman, Ph.D. The paper entitled, “The Moderating Effect of Physical Activity on the Food Intake and Nutritional Status of Filipino Elderly Priests and Nuns” was co-authored by Dr. de Guzman and students from the Nutrition and Dietetics (ND) Department.

Meanwhile, Food Technology Department Chairperson Asst. Prof. Elizabeth H. Arenas, Ph.D. also shared the results of her paper entitled, “Pili (Canarium ovatum, Engl.) Pomace: a Novel and Potential Functional Food Ingredient”. In a separate session, ND student Ms. Ariane Sherie L. Agustin presented her group’s paper entitled, “What Predicts the Malnutrition Among a Select Group of Filipino Elderly in Institutionalized Setting? A Partial Least Square (PLS) Study”.

The College of Education also participated in the poster exhibits. Below is the list of poster presentations:

“The Interactive Effects of Nutrition-related Domains on the Blood Pressure of Hypertensive Filipino Street Vendors” by Prof. Allan B. de Guzman, Ph.D.

“A Partial Least Square (PLS) of the factors affecting the nutritional status of tricycle drivers in the Philippines” by Prof. Allan B. de Guzman, Ph.D.

“Nutritional Quality of Meals, Food Intake, Physical Activity, and Length of Stay Predict Institutionalized Elderly’s Nutritional Status” by Prof. Allan B. de Guzman, Ph.D.

“Energy Drinks Consumption and Dietary Intake Predict Obesity Among Filipino University Students” by Ms. Camille F. Alvarez

“Nutritional and Antinutritional Characteristics of Vegan Sausages Prepared from Germinated Black Beans” by Ms. Kerstin Marie V. Velasco

“Codifying and Intellectualizing the Base f Life: Towards a Development of a Preliminary Glossary of the Habits, Customs, and Festivities in the Philippines by Assoc. Prof. Imelda P. de Castro

“Examining the Relationship of Daily Money Allowance, Sugar-sweetened Beverages Consumption, and Level of Nutrition Knowledge on the Nutritional Status Among a Select Group of Filipino Adolescents” by Ms. Beatrice Joy C. Fuertes

“The Role of Alcohol Consumption, Food Intake, and Physical Activity on the Prevalence of Obesity Among Filipino Call Center Agents” by Mr. Patrick Venjoe R. Calingasan

“The Impact of Nutrition Education on University Students’ Knowledge of Intake of Street Foods” by Ms. Vera Lynne M. Ramos

“Factor Affecting the Nutritional Status of Congenitally Blind Filipino Children in an Institutional Setting” by Ms. Justine Joy O. Balondo

“The Predictive Effect of Sugar to Dietary Intake and Lifestyle Factors among Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder” by Eliza Bianca N. Nazal

“Factors Affecting the Nutritional Status of Filipino Elderly in Home Care Settings” by Patrick Francis V. Guevara

“Prevalence and Associated Factors of Obesity Among Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the Philippines” by Ms. Ellen Joy O. Adviento

“Examining the relationship of nutrition literacy and daily food allowance to the nutritional status of a select group of farmers in the Philippines” by Ms. Jorah Asa M. Sideco

“Correlates of Malnutrition Among Depressed Filipino Elderly in an Institutionalized Setting: A Partial Least Square Study by Prof. Allan B. de Guzman, Ph.D.

“Risk Factors Associated with the Development of Sarcopenia among a Select Group of Community Dwelling Filipino Elderly by Prof. Allan B. de Guzman, Ph.D.

“Partial Least Square Regression Modeling of the Factors Affecting the Risk for Obesity of Graveyard Shift Call Center Agents” by Ms. Richie Mae U. Abache

First reported in: UST College of Education website

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