Dones of CHRMS, CRS discusses sonography in physiotherapy at Malaysian webinar 

Center for Health Research and Movement Science Research Supervisor at and College of Rehabilitation Sciences academic staff Prof. Valentin C. Dones III, Ph.D., lectured on “Integrating Sonography in Physiotherapy” at a webinar organized by Malaysian Allied Health Sciences Academy (MAHSA) University in Malaysia on March 1, 2024.

Dones, with his extensive expertise in manual physiotherapy and as Research Supervisor, offered insights into the utilization of sonography for the visualization of myofascial trigger points, fascia adhesion, and ligament sprains. He demonstrated how sonography enhances the accuracy of therapeutic interventions, including dry needling and the PainFree Release Technique, leading to improved clinical outcomes for individuals afflicted with musculoskeletal conditions. His presentation, enriched with a variety of case studies, emphasized the impact of sonography on physiotherapeutic practices, facilitating a more refined approach to the treatment of patients. 

The knowledge disseminated in this session is expected to encourage the physiotherapy community to further embrace and integrate advanced technologies such as sonography into their practice, thereby elevating the standard of patient care and therapeutic success. 

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