Dean Romero of Education talks about culture of dialogue and encounter in remote teaching

College of Education Dean Assoc. Prof. Pilar I. Romero, PhD lectured on remote teaching and how the culture of dialogue and encounter can be promoted in this new mode of learning. The webinar took place on July 28, 2020 via Facebook live in a webinar organized by the Catholic Educational Association on the Philippines.

In Romero’s lecture, entitled “It’s All APP to You: Cultivating a Culture of Dialogue and Encounter in Remote Teaching,” she highlighted that as educators belonging to a Catholic institution, we must examine its goal before engaging. “We have a different goal, a vision,” Romero said. “Our vision is not only to form professionals, but professionals with conscience. Our Telos is not only to bring out or to form future useful citizens of the country, but faithful members of the Church.”

Romero said promotion of dialogue even in a distance learning environment was the key to realize this vision. This dialogue, according to Romero, starts at the attitude level and one must clear all biases and pre-conceived notions, which are hindrances that color our appreciation of the other person.

Extending learning thru apps

The values education guru also said that with the countless number of apps, an educator has the choice of selecting apps that can be useful in teaching and extend learning to students. “Praxis takes place by means of conversation and dialogue, and this dialogue does not need to be with a person,” Romero said. “Praxis emanates from dialogue with self and others. If the praxis is to be Christian, it must be influenced by Christ,” the Education dean added.

Romero underscored that encounter, even in the virtual world, happens, too, when social issues are presented through discussing facts, inequality, and other issues. “The learner encounters the reality that exists in local and in global levels, and it is put right in front of his/ her face.” Helping learners realize that inequality reduces people to inhumane conditions would elicit from them compassion rather than judgment,” she added.

Blending praxis with the technology-reliant learning environment of the present day, Romero introduced an original approach, the PrO-App or “Praxis-oriented Approach” that can be used across the learning areas.

Romero served as the inaugural Principal of Senior High School, and is the incumbent Dean of the College of Education, where she graduated magna cum laude in 1981. A seasoned administrator, she was on several occasions the Assistant to the Rector for Administration and was also once the Assistant to the Rector for Planning and Development.

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