Dasas of SHS, EHS wins best research presentation award in nat’l conference on digital learning

Instructor Louie B. Dasas, PhD, a faculty member of the Senior High School and Supervising Teacher for Sciences of the Education High School, won the Best Research Presentation Award during the 2021 National Conference on Digital Learning entitled “Forefront,” organized by Globe Telecom in celebration of the National Teachers’ Month.

Dasas, who presented the paper entitled “(Re)Thinking Course Content Design and Development in the Next Normal,” conducted a systematic review “of contemporary instructional design literature and elaborates on the various course content design and development sources and influences.” In the same paper, he “explained the theoretical underpinning of instructional design and development vis-à-vis identified issues and challenges such as content validity, appropriate unpacking of competencies, and coherence and alignment of instructional elements,” and finally, Dasas “presented and elaborated on a framework for appraising course content using various evaluation standards such as construct validity, reliability, and utility. Insights from this paper have significant implications on inputs, processes, and outputs of course content design, development, and evaluation.”

Dasas, who recently finished his Doctor of Philosophy in Education, major in Curriculum Studies degree from the University of the Philippines – Diliman, argued that teacher agency is a “valuable lens to the practice of course content design, development, and evaluation.”

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