Dasas of Senior High talks about inquiry-based STEM teaching in EduTech Asia confab

Mr. Louie Dasas, MA, Strand Chair for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics of the Senior High School, presented a paper entitled “STEM-ifying the classroom: A framework for rigor and relevance towards inquiry-based STEM teaching” last November 8, 2017, in the EduTech Asia 2017 conference in Singapore.

In his paper, Dasas emphasized that “STEM integration in schools require effective pedagogical practice focused on meaningful learning and development of deep understanding.” In his presentation, Dasas used the “rigor/relevance framework,” which is used to examine curriculum, instruction, and assessment along the two dimensions of higher standards and student achievement – knowledge taxonomy derived from Bloom’s taxonomy and the application continuum adapted from Dagett’s Application Model (Internal Center for Leadership in Education, 2014).”

Dasas’s presentation highlighted the essential features that STEM teaching must possess in order to successfully achieve learning outcomes through meaningful instructional paradigms.” Moreover, examples drawn from classroom practice were presented to guide school administrators, classroom teachers, and instructional designers to map the landscape of a rigorous, relevant and inquiry-based STEM education.

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