CRS Global Internship Experience brings students to top US, Thai universities

The month of February was a busy and fruitful month for the College of Rehabilitation Sciences in relation to its Global Internship Experience (GIE). The Department of Physical Therapy sent two of its students for the first GIE at Seton Hall University, USA. Eight Sports Science interns spent the month learning more about health, fitness and sports performance at the California Baptist University, USA, while another set of Sports Science students were at the Mahidol University in Thailand learning more and testing their skills.

First PT GIE at Seton Hall University
Joseph Alain A. Cachero and Raphael Jose Maria R. Eala belong to the first batch of students from the Physical Therapy Department of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences to undergo the Global Internship Experience (GIE) Program for Seton Hall University in New Jersey, USA. The GIE Program commenced on February 1 and ended on March 1, 2019. They were accompanied by the PT Department Chair Ms. Jocel M. Reginio. The UST CRS participants were welcomed by the Dean of Health and Medical Sciences Dr. Brian B. Shulman, Ph.D., and the Assistant Chair of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program Dr. Kim Poulsen, Ph.D. Poulsen presented the detailed program of activities prepared for the UST participants. After the general orientation, a tour of the facilities and classroom immersion followed. The students attended a special lecture for Schroth Method and US Health Care Introduction and laboratory activities such as Kinesiology III, Clinical Assessment & Diagnostic Skills and Therapeutic Interventions II. Cachero and Eala presented their internship program while Ms. Regino gave a special lecture on the use of Outcome Measure Tool to the students of Seton Hall University.

Aside from lectures and presentations, the students were given an opportunity to observe the practice of Physical Therapy in musculoskeletal, neurological, orthopedic and pediatrics both in sub-acute and outpatient settings under the supervision of licensed Physical Therapists. This experience allowed them to cultivate their international and intercultural knowledge and appreciation of physical therapy education and delivery with an opportunity to practice select patient management skills.

Sports Science students at California Baptist University
Eight UST CRS Sports Science Interns together with faculty member Mr. Saul Anthony I. Sibayan, went on their Global Internship Experience (GIE) at the College of Health Sciences campus of the California Baptist University (CBU) in Riverside, CA, USA from February 1 to 28, 2019.

The students, namely, Jan Ivonne Samonte, Eric Benjamin Reyes, Ma. Katrina Michaela Delfin, Nathan Ryann Lim, Ciro Augusto Galang, Raymund Peter Capucao, Pauline Celine Cusing, and Isaias Khaim Apostol, learned about CBU’s values, creative techniques and current technology that are not only for research but also to assist coaches and athletes on areas where they can get important gains in fitness, health, and sports performance.

Sports Science interns tried different tests at the Exercise Physiology Laboratory and Strength and Conditioning facility of the Department of Exercise Science. They were also given the opportunity to go to the Athletic Training Laboratory and Athletic Training Center where they learned how athletes are recovering from injury. They gained experiences on: Parvo Medics True One gas analyser, Environmental Chamber, Body Composition Analyzer, Changes in Respiratory Exchange Ratio on Carbohydrate and Fat metabolism, and VO2max and Wingate Testing.

The group also attended lectures on Nutrition Science, Exercise Physiology, Applied Exercise Physiology (graduate), Therapeutic Interventions, Principles of Conditioning Athletes, and Electrocardiography in Clinical Exercise (graduate) among others. They also frequently went to CBU’s Recreational Center which is the University’s main health center where faculty, students and staff can work-out.

The GIE also gave the UST students the occasion to learn about CBU’s culture and established friendship with faculty members, students and staff. The students felt that the CBU experience was an awesome encounter to cap off their final year as students of the Sports Science program at the University of Santo Tomas.

Ten Sports Science students at Mahidol University in Thailand
The entire month of February was spent by ten students under the Sports Science program at the Mahidol University in Thailand for their Global Internship Experience. Accompanied by faculty member Ms. Josephine Joy Reyes, the students, Augusto Arkoncel, Gabriel Christian Lucero, Nasstassja Limos, Rikki Louise Obispo, Neil Christian Lapiz, Francis Gabriel Cruz, Aron Anthony Romey, Andre Patrick Rosales, Melchizedek Samonte, and Theodore Austin Biason, had the opportunity to attend different exclusive class sessions, and special laboratory meetings. They also visited sports and training facilitates and rehabilitation units.

On their first day at Mahidol University, the CRS students were welcomed by the Dean of the College of Sports Science and Technology (CSST), Dr. Chanin Lumsam. It was concluded with a campus tour. The activities on their initial week included: Sports Injuries by Dr. Kornkit Chijankit, Sports Nutrition by Dr. Alisa Nana and Functional Training Body Bar workout by Dr. Ton Chonlachai. In between the week, the group experienced the nationalistic celebration of Muay Thai IGLA Day.

It was on their second week that the students were challenged physically. It was what they called, ‘a test of power and strength’ since the students were actively involved in laboratory sessions in the areas of: Aqua aerobics discussed by Dr. Ton Chonlachai, actual demonstration and application of Cardiovascular Testing given by Dr. Saiphon Kongkum, EEG/brain activity with Ms. Ploy Pararoi, an interactive activity on clinical grading of muscles, IRM/muscle ratio and muscle action with the Thai 3rd year Sports Science students facilitated by Sports Science professors and lastly, a lecture demonstration of motion analysis and force platform application in Sports given Dr. Weerawat.

In between the week, the group visited the Sport Authority of Thailand and Siriraj Hospital particularly the Fitness Center and Rehabilitation Unit. Moreover, the week ended with a Sports Day, hosted by CSST, Mahidol University. It was a huge gathering of Sports Science students from different universities all over Thailand. Selected students from UST joined forces with Mahidol University as they proved their skills and abilities in volleyball, basketball and swimming.

The GIE is the kind of exposure that, according to the participants, has always given them the edge to ascertain the latest practices in the field of Sport Science and gauge the level of competencies of the students. They find the learning experiences gained from this educational activity as a means of paving the way in realizing the value and proficiencies of the Sports Science program.

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