Tiger Media Network

Tiger Media Network

Tiger Media Network, under the supervision of the Communications Bureau, is the official broadcasting arm of the University of Santo Tomas. Established in 2018, it is devoted to the production and distribution of content by and for the Thomasian community. Its service is made possible by student-volunteers with a passion for multimedia storytelling, becoming an avenue where the skills of future media professionals are honed via its Tiger TV and Tiger Radio stations.


Tiger TV is a branch of Tiger Media Network, the official broadcasting arm of UST. Tiger TV is in charge of the television programs of TMN, which range from news, entertainment, religious, and sports shows, as well as handling the airing of special projects. These shows are produced by Thomasian students for Thomasian students, and always aim to bring the most relevant and entertaining content to their audience.

Tiger TV is also a multi-award-winning broadcast station, winning several Quill awards, with the most recent ones being for Tiger TV’s health show “Lifeline” and for “Para kanino ka naglalaro”, the 2018 UAAP video series. We’ve also been recognized internationally, winning 3 awards from the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Student Awards in New York. As of February 2021, Tiger TV’s online presence is strong and constantly growing, with almost 35k followers on its Facebook page, and a steady increase of followers on its Twitter and Instagram pages. Tiger TV is also the go-to platform for Thomasians to view special events, with streams amassing 28k views and over 50k interactions.  

UST TigerTV Shows

Culture Shock

A 30-minute talk show that will feature our international students here at UST. This will foster cultural understanding and will get to know them by conducting a series of interviews.

Professor Plays

A game show featuring different professors from the University of Santo Tomas. The essence of professors participating in fun or trendy e-games intends to serve as  entertainment factor that students across the university will be interested in.

Tatak Tomasino

A magazine show that highlights the Thomasian identity and culture with various aspects and perspectives. The different segments will explore UST life, specifically the Thomasian customs, traditions, and overall lifestyle.

Tiger News Updates

A rundown of the monthly Thomasian news and events.

The Conscious Mind

A five-to-seven minute video series that will tackle the relevant issues in the mental health of the Thomasian community. The show will focus on coping strategies that will help many Filipinos in this time of crisis. Mental health professionals will be invited to give insights about the phenomenon or emotions that Filipinos experience today and its effects on individuals and society. Requires partnership with CCC.

The Frontrunners

A 15-minute sports magazine show that features the latest sports news and developments on Thomasian sports. It concentrates on the sports that matter most to the Thomasians, including all the sporting events of the UAAP, the Thomasian Goodwill Games, and more.


A fun, casual, and light lifestyle show that features countries and provinces that Thomasians grew up, or currently living and shares their experiences through vlogs with an interview segment.


Jump Start is a 15-minute, pre-recorded, vlog-style show that aims to tackle the truth and common misconceptions about health and fitness.

The show aims to showcase different guests such as athletes, fitness professionals, sports scientists, and students, and feature fitness products that people can utilize in their daily lives.

The show also includes 1 minute shorts called “Jump Shorts” that will talk about tips, tricks, and ways how to improve their diet, enhance their fitness lifestyle, and more. This will be all based on research and studies conducted by fitness professionals, trainers, and nutritionists.


A health news program that aims to address current health risks and trends which are relevant to the Thomasian community. Lifeline utilizes different social media platforms to produce various content ranging from 20-minute talk shows and infographics to short educational video segments.

Saan Tayo Kakain?

Saan Tayo Kakain? is a 5-10 minute online feature segment that highlights and appraises prevailing food trends and emerging types of food online.


This is a long-format program that will present two opposite perspectives and conflicts in e-gaming. This aims to present the differing points of view of people towards esports with the end goal of debunking misconceptions and finding a common ground.

UST Tiger Radio

UST Tiger Radio is the Online Radio Broadcasting branch of Tiger Media Network, currently operating out of the Educational Technology Center, located on the 12th floor of the Buenaventura Garcia Paredes, O.P. Building, University of Santo Tomas, Espana, Manila. With the use of MIXLR, Tiger Radio has managed to operate for over a decade, serving the Thomasian community with dozens of Radio shows and programs that seek to entertain students from all courses. These shows are operated and handled by the Thomasian volunteers of TMN and always work hard to give the best content to its audience. 

UST Tiger Radio has also amassed thousands of followers on its social media accounts, with over 12k followers on Facebook, and over 6k followers on Twitter. Tiger Radio has also been recognized by international award ceremonies, such as the Bret Michaels’ Spirit of College Radio Awards 2020, as well as the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System Student Awards in New York. 

UST TigeRadio Shows

Thomasian Daily Bread

A 15-minute daily segment of the daily gospels and a point of reflection for the listeners.

4:00PM  – 4:15 PM;  MWF
4:45 PM – 5:00 PM;  TTh

Tiger Headlines

A 5-minute rundown of the daily Thomasian news and current events. 

5:00 – 5:05 PM; EVERYDAY

TR Night Shift

A 2-hour show that talks about any latest happenings. Each episode will discuss themes on news, sports, cuisine, entertainment, social media, technology, and the like that will benefit the listeners. Primarily, it explores every trend not only in the Thomasian community but also worldwide.

5:05 PM – 7:00 PM; EVERYDAY

TR Thomasian Viewpoint

This show features students from different advocacy organizations to talk about UN SDGs and how they can advocate for it

4:15 PM – 5:00 PM; MONDAY

Take Care, Tiger

A show featuring health and self-care tips that students need. This can include a segment where health professionals could provide health care treatment and advice. 


Curious Tiger

A music show where students can send in song requests together with their story behind it. The sender of the day could be a guest in the show as they talk about life stories through songs played throughout the show.


Street Mix

A show that will feature cultures from across the globe. This show may also talk about the trends, lifestyle, music, and artists of different countries. 


Hello, Annyeong!

A show dedicated to KPOP fans as we delve into the hallyu wave. The show will have segments including a portion where fans will be guests of the show and will be participating in the show



A show that features stories of the Thomasian community experience on a daily basis. This also proudly features Thomasian students, alumni, leaders, artists, athletes, celebrities, and v/bloggers. 


Tigerserye (Radio Drama)

A recorded radio drama about the latest happenings or trends, to be aired once a week in the afternoon

4:15-5 PM; FRIDAY

Tiger Hustle

A show featuring small businesses owned by Thomasians. Business owners will share their experiences to give inspiration to others





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