CHRMS supervisor Dones of CRS conducts workshop on pain management

“Releasing the Fascia: The PainFree Pathways” workshop, held on December 16-17, 2023 in Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong has been a noteworthy event in the promotion of manual therapy and pain management.

Organized through a collaboration between Prof. Valentin C. Dones III, Ph.D., academic staff of the College of Rehabilitations Sciences and research supervisor at the Center for Health Research and Movement Science of the University of Santo Tomas, and CEO of PainFree Management and Consulting, Inc.; and HEMAX Health Products Company Limited CEO, Mr. Lau Siu On, this event marked a contribution to the advancement of manual physiotherapy.

The workshop drew the participation of 20 physiotherapists from Hong Kong, offering them a unique opportunity to enhance their understanding of fascia kinematics and its role in musculoskeletal health. Emphasizing the often overlooked significance of fascia within the human body, the workshop shed light on how lifestyle choices and physical trauma can lead to chronic pain conditions. The attendees were introduced to the innovative PainFree Fasciocutaneous Scanning techniques, a method designed for the effective assessment and treatment of fascial dysfunctions. Additionally, they delved into the PainFree Taping and Release Techniques, which are at the forefront of contemporary pain management strategies.

Structured to facilitate an immersive learning experience, the workshop commenced with an exploration of the fundamental principles concerning the role of fascia in the musculoskeletal system, subsequently advancing to the practical implementation of PainFree techniques on various parts of the body. This pedagogical approach ensured that participants not only gained theoretical knowledge but also acquired practical skills, significantly enhancing their competency in the field.

This workshop stands as a testament to the commitment of the University of Santo Tomas and its collaborators in fostering innovative practices and professional development in the healthcare sector.

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