Chołaszczyński of College of Social and Media Culture – Poland lectures on Russia’s geopolitical expansion

On December 6, 2018, Dr. Krystian Chołaszczyński, from the College of Social and Media Culture – Torin, Poland, lectured on Russia’s Imperialist Tendencies at the Central Laboratory Auditorium.

In his lecture, Chołaszczyński, tackled the geopolitical gains of Russia, whose expansion was aimed toward Central Europe, starting in Georgia and then in Crimea. “Moscow takes action to maintain the monopoly of transit, which entails threats and attempts to pressure countries exporting raw materials and transmitting,” he said.

According to Chołaszczyński, Russia’s war against Georgia became the hotspot of its imperialist tendencies. As a result, the policies of European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) were redefined due to Russia’s threatening actions. “Russia takes minimal advantage of its possessions to play the role of a power defending its interests and conquers Europe without any imposing world of vision,” he said.

The role played by Poland in this geopolitical Russian gain is between the position of defenders of the oppressed (Ukraine and Georgia) and the neighboring countries loyal to Russia. “Russia’s war with Georgia in 2008 show that Poland is not able to pursue a single active policy for the security of the Central European invasion.” he said. “It is essential that the Polish should understand the seriousness of the situation [which is the] invasion and its competitive potential, not [by] looking at the protective umbrella that offer a stronger political power.”

“Poland should have good arguments against Russia’s growing position in Europe,” he followed.

Moreover, Chołaszczyński noted that the threat of another Cold War was a reality for them in Poland.

This event was organized by the Faculty of Arts and Letters – Journalism Society and Political Science Forum.

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