CCCPET gathers Antequera basket weavers for capacity-building seminar

The USTGS-CCCPET Director Assoc. Prof. Eric Babar Zerrudo and Technical Assistant Ms. Beverly M. Bautista gave orientation lectures to the newly elected local councilors and basket artisans of the interior municipality on creative economy on June 3, 2022, at the Municipal Tourism and Trade Center in Antequera, Bohol.

The activity was basket conservation advocate Ar. Jovie Ladura’s immediate response to the Uswag Artesano Leyte assembly on basket weaving networking and capacity building, which was held on May 23 and 24, 2022 in Villaba, Leyte.

Known as the Basket Capital of the Province, Antequera experiences innumerable issues and concerns regarding the traditional industry such as the lack of safeguarding mechanisms for the intangible heritage, unfair labor practices in the market, lack of capacity building and education for artisans, lack of facilities, equipment, and instruments, and the aging population of weavers.

The afternoon assembly was organized through the valuable support of Ms. Jadulco, the Antequera Tourism Officer, and the active participation of Councilor-elect Ar. Hector Balonda, Councilor-elect Johnny Coquilla, and Councilor-elect Edwin Cuenca.

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