CCCPET conducts cultural heritage mapping of Bataan Province

The Provincial Government of Bataan in coordination with Department of Education Region 3, Bataan Peninsula Tourism Foundation, Inc., and University of Santo Tomas Graduate School – Center for Conservation of Cultural Property and Environment in the Tropics initiated the cultural mapping project of Bataan Province.

The objectives of the activity were to identify and document the distinct natural, built, intangible and tangible heritage of the province; to create awareness and appreciation amongst cultural workers and the local Bataeños on their heritage environment; to provide basis for a comprehensive development of a heritage legislation for the whole province and initiate local heritage ordinances in the municipalities and to provide impetus for the promotion of the cultural industries, museum for every town and develop a tourism campaign based on heritage outputs of the province.

The phase of the province wide program would be to train the mappers in exhibition development for community based museum of all the 11 towns. Simultaneously, the Provincial Government of the Mt. Natib National Park, Bataan began the documentation of natural site to be nominated in Man and Biosphere Program of UNESCO.

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