CCC, Unilever open Career Fair 2017

In partnership with Unilever Philippines, the UST Counseling and Career Center (CCC) opened the 2017 Career Fair with the theme “Excellence. Innovation. Greatness.” last May 3, 2017 (Wednesday) at the Plaza Mayor.

“We are moving toward the direction of making our partnership with companies stronger with our Career Center [as a model],” CCC Director Lucila Bance said. “The Counseling and Career Center is a conduit to expedite the implementation, the various acts of collaborative partnership and industries.”

In line with the 21st-century global competencies, Bance highlighted that they have pilot-tested their programs where they forge ties with their partner companies through various seminars and talks. “We have to continuously improve to meet global standards in this endeavor.” Bance said. “We are also working toward more enhance partnership with social media.”

In her message, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Clarita Carillo, PhD, noted that forging ties with industry partners made the students’ training relevant. “Universities can no longer seclude themselves in their ivory towers. No university will survive without linking with industry, who extends its hand of friendship.”

On this note, Carillo expressed gratitude to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) – STRIDE, which for the last three years has helped UST transform its old Guidance and Counseling Department into the present-day Counseling and Career Center, guiding it toward becoming the model career center in the country. She likewise thanked Unilever and the corporations who have always been partners in ensuring that Thomasians become gainfully employed in the country’s top companies. Finally, she paid homage to the members of the Thomasian community–administrators, faculty, staff, and the CCC–for forming the students. To the students, Carillo challenged them to take the opportunities: “We can only bring a horse to the river, but not force it to drink, so says an old proverb. Over the years you have stayed in UST, we have tried to bring you to that river. I hope you will seize the opportunities.”

The 2017 Career Fair will be open to Thomasians until May 5, 2017 (Friday) and includes the country’s top corporations. Graduating students will get the opportunity to submit their résumés and in some cases be interviewed on the spot as they attempt to gain employment.

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