Bunag of MedTech awarded Best Oral Presenter in ASEAN Emerging Researches conference for gestational diabetes mellitus screening test

Mr. Jose Angelo Bunag, a faculty member of the Department of Medical Technology of the Faculty of Pharmacy, was awarded Best Oral Presenter in the ASEAN Emerging Researches Conference 2018, held in Sunway University, Malaysia from December 3-4.

Bunag, who co-authored the paper with Therriz Mae P. Mamerto and Assoc. Prof. Maria Ruth B. Pineda-Cortel, PhD, conducted a prospective cohort study involving pregnant women from tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila and nearby provinces. It aimed to determine the most suitable criteria to be used among Filipino pregnant women, in light of possible instances of over-diagnosis, undiagnosis, or misdiagnosis due to the absence of a standard diagnostic criteria.

The study found that “the use of [International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups] and [American Diabetes Association] criteria would result in a considerable increase in the prevalence of GDM. Standardization of the criterion for GDM will lessen maternal and fetal complications, and also protect them from the side effects of medications, as the case maybe. Further studies may be done involving pregnant women from the ASEAN region to standardize the GDM diagnostic criteria.”


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