Binag, Braga, Fernandez, Gonzales of Science win Best Poster Award in Microbial Culture symposium

Last November 19, 2016 (Saturday), students from the College of Science, namely Sam Dominic A. Binag, Ann Cheryl V. Braga, Guia B. Fernandez, and John Joseph C. Gonzales, advised by Microbiology coordinator Prof. Gina R. Dedeles, PhD, won the Best Poster Award during the 16TH Philippine Network of Microbial Culture Collections General Assembly and Symposium. The event was held at the Centro Escolar University – Manila.

The winning poster was entitled “Bicontrol Potential of Aquatic Fungus, Aphanomyces sp. Against Dengue Mosquito (Aedes aegypti) Larvae.”

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