Benjamin, Belmonte of Chem. Eng’g present papers in China

Last August 21-24, 2017, two faculty members of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering participated in the 20th Conference in Process Integration, Modelling and Optimisation for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction (PRES 2017), held in Tianjin, China.

Assoc. Prof. Michael Francis D. Benjamin, PhD presented his research paper entitled, “P-graph approach to critically analysis in bioenergy parks under uncertainty”. His work used a bioenergy park and a palm oil-based integrated biorefinery case study to demonstrate the P-graph method as an alternative methodology for criticality analysis of component units or plants in an integrated bioenergy system. This paper is an extension of his research on developed algebraic I–O approach.

Engr. Beatriz A. Belmonte, on the other hand, presented her research entitled “A two-stage optimization model for the synthesis of biochar-based carbon sequestration systems”. Engr. Belmonte is currently on Study Leave finishing her PhD in Chemical Engineering at Dela Salle University in Manila, under the Engineering Research and Development for Technology (ERDT) schlarship of the Department of Science and Technology.

Benjamin is also the co-author of the papers entitled, “Systematic framework for design of biomass energy systems: addressing criticality via redundancy allocation” (Andiappan, W. et al., 2017), his first international research collaboration with Malay PSE experts. The paper was presented in the conference, too.

“In general, this conference enabled me to be updated in the state-of-the-art chemical engineering and process systems engineering developments. The event also became an avenue for me to meet experts and researchers in the different fields of chemical engineering”, Benjamin said.

The conference was co-organized by Tianjin University and Hebei University of Science and Technology, and was also sponsored by the Chinese petrochemicals giant SINOPEC.

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