Bautista of CFAD presents papers at interdisciplinary conference in Malaysia.

UST College of Fine Arts and Design academic staff Assoc.Prof. Anna Marie H. Bautista presented two papers at the 4th BTS Global Interdisciplinary Conference held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from August 16 to 18, 2023, with the theme “BTS in Southeast Asia; BTS and the Future”.

This was organized by the International Society for BTS Studies, the Faculty of Arts and Social Science-Universiti Malaya, and the National Art Gallery (Malaysia). Out of 150 abstract submissions, only 45 were accepted where two of which are Bautista’s papers.

For Day 1, Bautista presented her paper “HOMEBOUND: The Narratives of the ‘UST Goes Namjooning: Capturing Moments on Campus’ Interactive Exhibition” which highlights the role of arts, culture, and heritage in educating the public. This paper is an off-shoot of a larger project titled BTS A.C.H.E. Initiative: The Act of BE:COMING (BTS and Heritage). The A.C.H.E. Initiative as a heritage framework encompassing Arts, Culture, Heritage, and Education. The UST Goes Namjooning was the successful comeback exhibition mounted by the UST Museum in September 2022 to welcome back the Thomasian community to the campus.

Her co-presenter, Charmaine G. Salido, a graduate of UST BFA-Interior Design, presented her paper “When Canvas Speaks: A Tale of Rediscovery and Healing.”The paper was inspired by herpersonal journey as a professional interior designer turned visual artist. She also sought inspiration from her mental health journey during the pandemic when she rediscovered her talent in painting through synesthesia/chromesthesia, a neuropsychological condition that causes the brain to do multi-sensory experiences through music, and in her case, BTS music.

Another presenter was Mr. Jefferson J. Acala, a UST College of Education Teacher’s Certificate Program graduate. His paper, “It’s a W(RAP), Pabalat!” which he co-authored with Bautista, focused on the slowly vanishing traditional Filipino art of “Pabalat,” a delicacy paper wrapper from Bulacan. The study merges traditional and contemporary art through BTS themes to re-introduce “Pabalat” to the public underscoring how traditional and contemporary art and culture can be intertwined to be relevant to the times.

As seen in the themes of their research, where Salido’s paper focuses on the Arts, Acala’s paper highlights Culture, and Bautista’s paper is on Heritage and Education thrusts, the A.C.H.E initiative is realized. The initiative compels the Act of Be:Coming, a dynamic approach to understanding who we are, what to be, and what to become through BTS. The meeting point of the A.C.H.E. framework serves as the intersection to the future, ensuring heritage preservation through education.

On Day 2 of the conference, Bautista presented her other paper titled “TAKE TWO: A Second Helping of BTS-Inspired Pedagogical and Advocacy Projects,” inspired by BTS’ 10th anniversary single “Take Two,” discussing twelve BTS-inspired activities conducted last A.Y. 2022-2023. BTS’ song “Take Two” aptly conveys the concept behind the series of activities conducted in two’s. In the context of the paper presentation, “Take Two” also refers to a  second helping of BTS-laden activities, satisfying the urge to teach and learn inspired by BTS.

Bautista also attended the Round-Table Discussion on Day 3 held at the National Art Gallery, which was capped by a tour of the Hallyu-Korean Wave Exhibition with works by Jin Youngsun, master of fresco and professor emerita at Korean University School of Art and Design, and Batu Belah Art Community group. The tour also served as a way to commemorate South Korea and Malaysia diplomatic ties.

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