Bahrami-Hessari of Special Ed, RCCESI presents poster on crying pre-schoolers in Louisiana confab

Ms. Eleanor Marie L. Bahrami-Hessari, MS, MEd of the Department of Teacher Education of the College of Education presented her research poster entitled “Teachers’ Perceptions and Responses to Crying Preschoolers in the Classroom” in the Zero to Three Annual Conference 2016, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America.

Bahrami-Hessari, who teaches Special Education courses and is a Research Associate of the Research Center on Culture, Education, and Social Issues, determined the perceptions of teachers who handle crying preschoolers of typical and atypical development. She found that among the common responses of teachers to such phenomena are consoling through verbal reassurance and physical affection, as well as deciding and problem-solving.

The study concluded, among others, that regardless of the child’s temperament and developmental characteristics, teachers provided physical affection for those going through separation anxiety and those physically hurt.


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