Arts and Letters faculty members present papers on forensic linguistics at Linguistic Society of the Philippines national conference

Six faculty members from the English Department under the Faculty of Arts and Letters presented their papers at the special panel for Studies in Forensic Linguistics which was convened during the Linguistic
Society of the Philippines National Conference and General Meeting. It was held at the Crowne Royale Hotel in Balanga, Bataan from March 1 to 3, 2018.

Paper presenters were: Assoc. Prof. Rachelle B. Lintao, Ph.D., Assoc. Prof. Ma. Rosario Aranda, Asst. Prof. Selenne S. Leynes and Asst. Prof. Kristina D. Valerio who presented their study on “Deontic Meanings in Selected Philippine Contracts.” The study, “I Don’t Get It! Lexicogrammatical features of Republic Acts in the Philippines,” was delivered by Asst. Prof. Josephine B. Alarcon. Ms. Michelle A. Desierto, together with UST Graduate School student Ms. Doreen Elsie Jane L. Gersava discussed “Policespeak: Exploring the Language and Structure of Philippine Police ‘In-Custody’ Interviews.”

The University of Santo Tomas is being positioned as the center for
Forensic Linguistic studies in the Philippines.

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