Arki students rediscover spaces in UST in Summer School

Selected BS-Architecture students participated in the College of Architecture’s inaugural Summer School program on June 10, 2024, at the Beato Angelico Building Audio-Visual Room.

University of Reading, UK’s Architect Graham F. Thompson guided the participating students in the said program, sharing his expertise, projects, and some tidbits of experience he reaped in his travels worldwide.

The students were tasked to find mundane spaces in the campus that could be worked with and then bring the best of it through a mobile or static architectural device/intervention.

Afterward, the students engaged in discourses where they exchanged ideas and notes that would help them refine their design/intervention.

Thompson also shared a primer with the students and encouraged them to make a design that would stand out and speak by itself.

“Architecture is all about experiences. It is all about different experiences that happen maybe every week or maybe a few months. It is really built on you as people,” Thompson said.

Talking about how the project came to fruition, College of Architecture Dean Ar. Rodolfo P. Ventura, MSArch, expressed that he has always envisioned honing BS-Architecture students, helping them utilize their full potential, and equipping them with the necessary knowledge to create their very own designs that will bring pride to the University.

The Summer School will run until June 14, 2024. The final result will be deployed, photographed, and filmed within its context.  

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