Architecture mentors present research, share insights on resiliency in education at AAA+A

UST College of Architecture academic staff presented their study about resiliency in architecture education during the Assembly of Architects in the Academe + Annuale (AAA+A) via Zoom on June 17 and 18, 2022. With the theme “Building Resilience in Society through Architecture & Its Allied Fields”, the online conference was a venue to talk about the contribution of architects on the topic of resiliency in the built environment.

The series of events was joined by local and international architects, mentors, and researchers. During the first session “On Building Resiliency in the Academe”, members of College of Architecture presented their studies. Architecture College Secretary Ar. Vinson P. Serrano presented his study “Empowering the Architecture Profession Towards Resilient Nation-building: Visualizing the Characteristics of a Resilient Architect”. During his presentation, he underscored the importance of characterizing architects as resilient professionals who would go beyond their stereotyped roles to provide services amidst the changing demands and needs of the clients and environment. He recommended that architects should take active roles in resilient nation-building, making them more relevant in the modern world.

At the same session, Ar. Noel C. Cruz presented his research titled “Measuring Human Capital Resilience of Architects in the Academe in the Philippines”. The study, which he co-authored together with fellow academic staff Ar. John Clemence Pinlac and Ar. Caryn Paredes-Santillan, Ph.D., presented the results of an online survey they conducted following the multilevel Human Capital Future Resilience Index.

It assessed both individual resilience and organizational resilience and how the two could complement each other. Another output of the study is the identification of a possible correlation between the different profiles of the respondents and the results. After the presentations, a panel discussion was participated by Serrano and Cruz together with Polytechnic University of the Philippines Dean Ar. Jocelyn Lutap to expand on the topics discussed.

The panel discussion was moderated by Architecture Pedagogical Lead Ar. Caryn Paredes-Santillan, Ph.D. Under the chief management of Architecture faculty member Ar. Cesar Augusto S. Concio III, AAA+A is organized by the United Architects of the Philippines – Commission on Education (UAP-ComEd). 

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