Acclaimed linguist Jack Richards finishes teaching run in UST, lectures to UST, AdMU, DLSU, UP, PNU teachers

Acclaimed linguist and language educator Professor Jack C. Richards, PhD was a visiting professor of the University of Santo Tomas this June 2016, having taught the course “Curriculum Development” to Master of Arts in English Language Studies students from June 20-29, 2016 and the Graduate School.

Directly after his teaching and speaking engagements in Oman and Indonesia, Richards came to Manila to teach an intensive and comprehensive week-long course on developing and designing curricula to UST Graduate School students.

For his visiting professorship in the Special Term, UST Graduate School Dean Marilu R. Madrunio, Ph.D. emphasized that this particular privilege was made possible through the help of USTGS Professor Melchor A. Tatlonghari, Ph.D., and De La Salle University Professor Emerita Ma. Lourdes S. Bautista, Ph.D., who are both good friends of Richards.Last June 30, 2016, Richards likewise delivered a lecture entitled “Language Learning beyond the Classroom” to English faculty members from the University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines, De La Salle University, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippine Normal University.In his lecture, Richards emphasized that authentic language learning is premised on several indicators, such as a student’s motivation, opportunities to learn language, and supportive of such communities.Graduate School Dean R. Marilu Madrunio, PhD, underscored the fact that not only was this a special privilege for the University of Santo Tomas, but everything was free-from airfare to accommodations, and honoraria. “No honorarium, please, was his request. This was made possible through the help of Professor A. Melchor Tatlonghari, PhD (English professor at the Graduate School) and De La Salle University’s Emeritus Professor Ma. Lourdes Bautista, who are both good friends of Prof. Richards, “Dean said Madrunio.“I had a good time. I had seven students in my class MA, and it was a very good interaction. It’s good to be back in the Philippines, “Richards said of his recent tenure at the Graduate School.From the Philippines, Richards will go to South Korea and South Africa likewise to train teachers on language teaching.

For many years, Richards has generously and tirelessly shared his expertise with fellow language teachers for free and supported many scholarships in both language education and the arts alike. Having written over 150 books and articles on language education, many of which are classic staples in the field until now, being able to attend Richards’ class was a great opportunity for both the University and its students.#USTVisitingProfessors #ThomasiansUpdatingKnowledge #ThomasiansForgingLinks

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