ACADEMICS Four BSc Civil Engineering students to finish double-degree in Catholic University of America

Mary Valerie Angela Garcia, Willem Justly Brocal, James Alderson Jalova, and Patrexia Jumaylh Tampon of the Civil Engineering Department are bound for The Catholic University of America (CUA) after having been accepted to the 3+2 Program of UST and CUA. All four will finish their Bachelor’s degree and receive diplomas from both universities.

“My reasons for applying to the 3+2 program between The Catholic University of America and the University of Santo Tomas are to grab the opportunity to receive a degree from both universities at the same time, to further develop my knowledge on my program which is Civil Engineering, and to experience studying in a whole new environment specifically in Washington D.C.,” shared Jalova.

Garcia, Brocal, and Tampon are planning to focus on Construction Management while Jalova on Structural Management for their undergraduate research. “During the exchange, I expect to be immersed in a totally different culture while maintaining and upholding my Thomasian values wherever I go,” Garcia said.

“It would be an honor for me to represent my country, and of course, UST that molded my personality and skills since high school,” said Brocal in retrospect. Looking forward, Tampon said: “After the program, I expect personal development that can contribute to the society at large.

They will be the second batch from the UST CE Department to attend CUA after the creation of the academic partnerships between the universities. Engr. Kathleen Libnao and Engr. Arvin Manalaysay were the first Thomasians to attend CUA through the 5+1 Program.

First reported in: UST Faculty of Engineering website

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