Abenir of Sociology, Simbahayan presents paper on service-learning modalities, levels framework in Hongkong

Assoc. Prof. Mark Anthony D. Abenir, DSD presented his paper on service-learning modalities and levels in the January 10-12 3rd International Conference on Service Learning, held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Abenir’s paper linked service-learning (S-L) “to its sociological theoretical foundations and its modalities/modes and levels of community engagement…and produced a coherent framework to guide S-L educators and practitioners in identifying the type of S-L being implemented.” Identifying the S-L type leads to possible implications for students, faculty members, and community partners involved.

Abenir’s paper put together structural functionalism, conflict & critical perspectives, and symbolic interactionism and found three kinds of S-L: Charity-Based S-L (Mitchell, 2008); Liberating S-L (Stoecker, 2016); and Community-Based S-L (Hammersley, 2013).

Abenir is the current Director of the UST Simbahayan Community Development Office and is a faculty member of the Department of Sociology of the Faculty of Arts and Letters.


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