9 Sports Science interns join Global Internship Experience program in California Baptist University

Last February 1-28, 2017, nine BS Sports Science (SPS) interns namely Pio Aquino, Miguel Aytona, Jasmine Cheng, Patricia David, Alice Cornejo, Stevie Lazo, Lance Mauleon, Gio Reyes and Abiater Tsai had a one month educational exposure trip at the California Baptist University (CBU) in Riverside, California, USA, as part of the Global Internship Experience (GIE) program of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences. Accompanied by the Department’s Internship Supervisor, Karen Leslie L. Pineda, RND, MSPH, this is the second year that CRS sent interns to CBU.

The activity allowed students to attend lecture and laboratory classes in Sports Science courses, based on their interests, as follows: Exercise Physiology, Emergencies in Sports Medicine, Principles of Conditioning Athletes, Basic and Sports Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Taping, Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription. Students had the opportunity to interact with CBU professors on issues and topics that are of interest to them.

Aside from the regular classes, students went to three (3) core areas: Athletic Training Center (ATC), Athletic Performance Center (APC) and Kinesiology Laboratory, where they were able to observe workouts and training sessions, as well as share their own experiences during their internship and research undertakings. They likewise had the opportunity to watch sports competitions and gain access to the recreational center. The flexibility of the program allowed the students the distinct advantage of tailor-fitting their daily schedule of activities to their line of interest.

Meanwhile, as part of the faculty mobility program of the College, Ms. Pineda had the privilege of having academic discussions with the Department Chair of Health Science, Dr. Sean Sullivan; the Department Chair of Public Health Science, Dr. Robert LaChausse, Vice President for Global Initiatives, Mr. Larry Linamen; the faculty-in-charge for student exchange program, Dr Erik Salley; Program Director of Speech and Language Pathology, Dr. Candace Vickers; and Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Food Sciences and Nutrition Researcher, Dr. Shasha Zheng and other members of CBU Faculty. The discussions centered mainly on future programs and projects such as, possible externship program of speech and language pathology starting 2018, the tentative itinerary for CBU students who are coming to UST in July 2017, and possible collaborations in research.

Being an expert in nutrition, she presented the UST Internship program of CRS-SPS to some CBU faculty with emphasis on how the nutrition component of internship allows interns to apply their knowledge and skills on nutrition principles and strategies to UST athletes participating at the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP).

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